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Frequently Asked Questions About Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) for Business Tax Payments

Below you will find frequently asked question concerning Business electronic funds transfers. 

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Business Electronic Funds Transfer FAQs
  q1 - What is EFT?
  q2 - What is the difference between the ACH Debit and the ACH Credit options of EFT for business tax payments?
  q3 - How do I get started to pay my state withholding tax, motor fuel tax and corporation tax payments electronically using EFT ACH Debit or Credit?
  q4 - My bank is requesting me to provide them with an originator identification number. What is an originator identification number?
  q5 - My bank account has a block or filter on it. What should I do?
  q6 - I have registered for EFT and have made several ACH Debit or ACH Credit tax payments, but my bank account has not been debited. What should I do?
  q7 - Can I submit my EFT application electronically, online?
  q8 - Once my EFT application has been processed and I begin to make my tax payments electronically using EFT ACH Debit or Credit, do I need to submit corresponding paper tax returns?
  q9 - Once my EFT application has been processed and I begin to make my tax payments electronically using EFT ACH Debit or Credit, can I change my contact information and/or my bank information?
  q10 - I made an error when submitting my electronic payment. How can I correct it
  q11 - Can I pay pass-through entity (PTE), S corporation, sales and use tax, fiduciary, or admissions and amusement tax payments by EFT?
  q12 - When do my electronic payments need to be filed to be considered timely?
  q13 - How can I file a zero return online?
  q14 - With whom can the EFT Unit discuss my account?
  q15 - If I use Maryland's free online bFile service to file and pay withholding tax or sales tax, do I need to complete Form EFT?
  q16 - What can I do if I need to make a payment today and I am not set up for EFT?
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