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Filing Requirements for W-2 Wage Data

Employers must submit their required annual withholding statements in machine readable or electronic format if the total number of required statements equals or exceeds 25. The electronic format is also required if a lower threshold applies for federal income tax purposes.

We urge all employers to file electronically since it saves time and processing costs. However, filing electronically with the U.S. Social Security Administration does not satisfy your Maryland filing obligation. You must submit a separate filing to the Comptroller of Maryland in compliance with Maryland's filing requirements, on diskette, CD or online through our bFile service.

Employers who fail to comply may incur a penalty of $100 for each violation. Each W-2 submitted that is not properly filed is a separate violation subject to the $100 penalty. Failure to comply with Section 13-706 of the Tax General Article, Annotated code of Maryland, may result in the assessment of additional penalties.

The required records are:

RA-Submitter Record (Same as SSA)
RE-Employer Record (Modified)
RS-State Record (Modified)
RV- Total Record (Modified)


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