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Filing Categories

An employer is required to continue to file withholding reports until giving the Comptroller of Maryland written notice that there are no employees and the account should be closed.

Generally, all new accounts are placed on a quarterly filing frequency. However, when completing our Central Registration Application electronically, you can choose a quarterly or monthly filing frequency. All accounts are reviewed once a year to determine if a filing category needs to be changed.

Businesses must file withholding reports according to the following categories:

  • Accelerated: Employers who were required to withhold $15,000 or more for the preceding calendar year and also have accumulated $700 of withholding tax, in any pay period.
  • Quarterly: Employers with less than $700 of withholding per quarter.
  • Monthly: Employers with more than $700 of withholding in any one quarter.
  • Seasonally: Employers who operate only during certain months. Employers must obtain prior approval to file seasonally.
  • Annually: Employers with less than $250 withholding per calendar year are required to remit the tax withheld on an annual basis.


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