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Frequently Asked Questions About Employer Withholding

2 - Can I make business tax payments electronically?

Yes. You can file and pay employer withholding taxes and sales and use taxes online for free using bFile. Electronic filing for businesses is fast, safe and easy. You can pay by direct debit and schedule debit payments up to the due date of the return.

The Electronic funds transfer (EFT) program is another easy way to file reports and remit taxes. You must first register by completing Form EFT-1, Authorization Agreement for Electronic Funds Transfer.

You can obtain the registration form and more information by calling Taxpayer Service at 410-260-7980, or 1-800-MD TAXES. 

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Frequently Asked Questions
Withholding FAQs
  q1 - How do I register for a business tax account?
  q2 - Can I make business tax payments electronically?
  q3 - When are my employer withholding reports due?
  q4 - I did not receive my coupons for making my withholding tax payments. How can I get these coupons?
  q5 - Can you send me a letter verifying my withholding account number?
  q6 - Am I required to withhold taxes for domestic help?
  q7 - How do I report zero tax due for my withholding account?
  q8 - How do I reconcile my withholding account?
  q9 - I received a withholding bill in the mail showing no balance due. Why?
  q10 - I have a credit on my withholding account. Can I use it to pay my next report?
  q11 - I have a credit on my withholding account. Can I get this refunded?
  q12 - I need to close my employer withholding tax account. How can I do this?
  q13 - What are the requirements for magnetic media filing?
  q14 - How do I change the name of my business for my tax records?
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