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Alcoholic Beverages Administrative Releases

Number Title
AB-1 Restrictions on Importation of Alcoholic Beverages
AB-2 Destruction of Distressed Product
AB-3 Rental of Refrigerated Trucks to Retail Licensees
AB-4 (obsolete)
AB-5 Wholesaler to Retailer Credit Sales of Beer Products (Worcester County)
AB-6 Deliveries of Wine and Distilled Spirits to Retailers (obsolete)
AB-7 Alcoholic Beverages Trade Practices - Questions and Answers
AB-8 Relationship of Solicitors to Retail Licensees and Consumers
AB-9 Returned Goods (obsolete)
AB-10 Beer Discounts and Depletion Allowances (obsolete)
AB-11 Private Labels and limited Availablility Products
AB-12 Samples of Alcoholic Beverages
AB-13 "Private Label" Beer
AB-14 Trade Practices - Radio Station Promotions
AB-15 Catering Activities in Montgomery County, Maryland
AB-16 Alcoholic Beverage Coupons
AB-17 Returned Goods
AB-18 Beer Discounts and Depletion Allowances
AB-19 Personalized Advertising Signs
AB-20 Advertising and Promotional Contracts Related to Retail License Premises
AB-21 Direct Wine Seller's Permit - Procedures and Responsibilities (obsolete)
AB-22 Retail License Requirements and Restrictions
AB-23 Direct Wine Seller's Permit - Procedures and Responsibilities (obsolete)
AB-24 Wholesalers of Malt Beverage Products
AB-25 Regulation - Credit Control
AB-26 Statewide Caterer's License (SCAT License)
AB-27 Requiring Remittance of Alcoholic Beverages Taxes in Excess of $10,000 by Immediately Available Funds.
AB-28 Beer Packaging Containing Multiple Container Sizes
AB-29 Discriminatory Pricing of Alcoholic Beverages
AB-30 Alcohol Awareness Training
AB-31 2005 Legislative Session - Pomace Brandy
AB-32 Subject: U.S. Supreme Court Decision on Direct Shipping of Wine
AB-33 Limited Winery License Authority (obsolete)
AB-34 Limited Winery License Authority (obsolete)
AB-35 Samples of Alcoholic Beverages - Retail Licensees
AB-36 Price Filings - Class "A" Amended Schedules for Wines and Distilled Spirits
AB-37 Keg Beer Deposits
AB-38 Worcester County Beer Credit Control
AB-39 Shelf Management and Stocking of Alcoholic Beverages
AB-40 Sale of Wine to Persons Attending Scheduled Promotional Events or Other Organized Activities at the Licensed Premise
AB-41 Price Postings and Volume Discounts
AB-42 Direct Wine Shipper's Permit

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