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Frequently Asked Questions About Admissions and Amusement Tax

13 - What should facility owners keep in mind?

If you own or operate a theater, hall, park or other facility which is rented or leased for taxable activities, you must report those rentals to the Comptroller's Office. For more information, call 410-260-7980, Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

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Admissions and Amusement Tax
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Admissions and Amusement Tax FAQs
  q1 - How is the admissions and amusement tax imposed?
  q2 - Does this include the sales and use tax?
  q3 - How do I find out what rates apply to what activities?
  q4 - Do I have to make a separate charge for the admissions and amusement tax?
  q5 - Does the way in which I show the tax affect my remittance?
  q6 - Can you give me an example of computing the tax on a tax-included basis?
  q7 - What do I do if I'm presented with a tax exemption certificate?
  q8 - Are deductions permitted for prizes, cost of goods sold or other expenses?
  q9 - How are reduced charges or free admissions taxed?
  q10 - Does the 10 percent limit on the rate of tax also limit the additional tax on reduced charge or free admissions?
  q11 - Do I have to file a return even if I have no taxable receipts?
  q12 - What should I remember if I operate a lottery terminal?
  q13 - What should facility owners keep in mind?
  q14 - What should I keep in mind about correspondence?
  q15 - How do I change the name of my business for my tax records?
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